The Ultimate Hunting and Fishing Companion

Deer's Eye View - The Ultimate Hunting and Fishing Companion

The AI-powered app that allows hunters and fishermen to see the world through the eyes of their prey. The app provides a real-time display of the colors that the targeted animal can see or not see, enabling users to adjust their equipment and surroundings for optimal results. With a free trial period, the app is a must-have for any avid outdoorsman looking to level the playing field.

Hunting & Fishing Companion

To the human eye, the world is a colorful place. Everywhere we look our vision is bombarded by a myriad of vibrant colors. Research has shown, in terms of the visible spectrum of light, there are 7 million distinguishable colors that the human eye can perceive. Yet, have you ever wondered which colors the rest of the animal kingdom can see? In the world of hunting and fishing the presence of color is a primary consideration when tracking one’s prey. What does the deer see? Or the fish? Today, there’s a breakthrough new APP that will answer those very questions.  Introducing, the new Deer’s Eye View app.

Increase Your Hunting & Fishing Success

Depending on the animal, they each see colors differently. Sensibly, the color of one’s environment, equipment and clothing is essential for the success of a hunter or fisherman. In fact, according to the respected Quality Deer Management Association, the average success rate of hunters lies between 30-40 percent. U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, claims fishing captures hovers at about 50 percent. The revolutionary new Deer’s Eye View color tracking app will improve those odds for the avid hunter and fisherman.

Deer's Eye View - The Ultimate Hunting and Fishing Companion​
Deer's Eye View - The Ultimate Hunting and Fishing Companion​

Animal Vision Simulator

Deer’s Eye View is an AI powered app that will immediately show the user the scope of the colors the targeted prey can see or not see. Select the animal of choice such as White Tail Deer, Hog, Turkey, or Large Mount Bass and you will be a first-hand witness of what that animal sees as you sit in your blind or at the water’s edge. For example, bass seek out the colors green, brown and purple so one’s lure should reflect those colors for an optimal catch. For pet owners the Deer’s Eye View APP can be used at home too.  How wonderful to be able to see the surroundings from your pet’s eyes!

Camouflage Your Environment

Created by a lifelong ardent hunter and outdoorsman, Jonathan Britton, he states, “I hunt animals and know that I am outmatched because of their keen eyesight. With my Deer’s Eye View app I am duplicating and camouflaging my environment to match the color they see which helps level the playing field.” Download Deer’s Eye View today on a IOS or Android for a free trial period and see what they see.

Deer's Eye View - The Ultimate Hunting and Fishing Companion​

App Features

Deer's Eye View - The Ultimate Hunting and Fishing Companion​
  • Real-Time Color Tracking:

    The Deer's Eye View app provides a real-time display of the colors that your targeted prey can see, enabling you to adjust your gear and surroundings for optimal results.

  • Multiple Animal Options:

    The app offers a variety of animals to choose from, including White Tail Deer, Hog, Turkey, and Large Mount Bass. Simply select your animal of choice and get a first-hand view of what they see.

  • AI-Powered Technology:

    With advanced AI-powered technology, Deer's Eye View can accurately simulate the color perception of different animals, giving you a better understanding of their visual world.

  • Pet Owner Friendly:

    Deer's Eye View isn't just for hunters and fishermen - pet owners can also use the app to see the world from their furry friend's perspective. Gain a new appreciation for your pet's surroundings and understand how they perceive the world around them.



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